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As a results oriented facility, it is extremely important that we assist every member in accomplishing the fitness goals that brought them into the club in the first place. For this reason we have developed our Body Success Program which is geared toward helping each individual achieve the best results possible in the shortest period of time. This program incorporates the four pillars of fitness. These four Pillars represent the essential elements of all successful fitness or weight loss programs. These elements make up the formula for your fitness success. They are based on the Laws of Human Physiology, and apply to anyone; regardless of the goal. How and to what degree these elements are applied will be determined by your goal and lifestyle.

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Each member will begin the program with an in depth fitness assessment designed to establish goals based off of the SMART analysis (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely), baseline body composition measurements, circumference measurements, and an in depth postural analysis.
All of our nationally certified personal trainers are qualified and eager to take the information from this assessment and develop an individualized program geared towards avoiding plateaus, diminishing the risk of injury, and seeing visible, physical results in the shortest period of time possible. When coupled with the access that each client has to our online nutrition education program through dotFIT, the Body Success Program will take any guess work out of your fitness goals.

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