Water, Water, and more Water!

It's been a hot May so far and we hope you're staying hydrated during these 90* days. We know it can be difficult to guzzle down the usual eight glasses of water per day but our team at Axiom has put together some tips and helpful info to keep you hydrated and healthy.
You should try and consume at least two glasses of water in the early morning when you wake up. Why? Your body is actually very dehydrated when you sleep and full of toxins. So, drink some water to help flush those toxins and kick start your day, daily water intake needs, and metabolism.
Drinking water before, during, and after your meals not only helps your body meet its required need for water consumption but will help move the nutrients from your food sources throughout your body. Water is an amazing vehicle for nutrition once inside the body. It helps get those macros inside muscles, vital bodily organs, and helps with other important physical & mental functionality.
We hope you're outside enjoying the lovely weather and if you're under the sun make sure you have plenty of fluids. When you're exercising your body needs water and this is a great time to drink as much as you can while you work out. Have trouble drinking water during exercise? Try this:

- Drink water after each exercise
- Set a goal to fill up your water bottle at least twice during your workout
- Add some flavor like a lemon, cucumber, or sports supplement to your water

Hopefully these tips will help you stay hydrated and full during the next few warm months. Remember, if you ever have any questions about your nutrition, you can always ask an Axiom Fitness staff member for help.

Stay fit Idaho!

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