Treat Yourself! The Benefits of Relaxing with Axiom

Regardless of your workout routine, relaxation is a vital component of recovery. While many people view massage simply as an indulgence, there are many real-world health benefits to massage, especially for athletes and individuals who spend time in the gym. For those of you who sit at a desk for hours a day, there are even more benefits. Massage is great to help relieve the postural stress that can accumulate when sitting for extended periods of time, especially when this is an everyday occurrence.

For those hitting the gym 3+ times per week, it is amazing the difference a massage session can make. Working massage sessions into your normal routine can help reduce recovery time, relieve tension and stiffness after a hard workout and help you better achieve your fitness goals. There are many additional benefits to working massage into your regular routine, including:

Alleviate pain and improve range of motion
Improve flexibility and circulation
Eases ongoing muscle fatigue
Alleviate anxiety and depression
Improve posture
Boost recovery and rehabilitation time after injury or an operation
Boost recovery time after intense workout sessions

Relax Signature Massage:

Axiom’s Relax Signature Massage puts an emphasis on relaxation and wellness. Our massage therapist incorporates a combination of moderate pressure and signature touches designed to aid in your wellness and fitness goals. Along with the massage, our therapist will help you pick from five essential oil blends, which will leave you feeling relaxed and recharged!

In addition to the Relax Signature Massage, there are a number of additional ways to Relax with Axiom, including our Far Infrared Sauna and Mystic Tanning. For more information on Relax Massages from Axiom, please visit or contact us today to make an appointment!

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