The Benefits of Swimming: A Full-Body Workout

The Benefits of Swimming: A Full Body Workout

Want your next workout to really make a splash? Take it to the Axiom pool! If you’re feeling extra sore or just want to mix up your routine, swimming is a fantastic way to get a full-body workout without being too hard on your joints.

1. Swimming is a full body workout. There are four different swimming strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and the butterfly. Each of these strokes engages a different muscle group. While you’re not actually lifting any weights, the water acts as your resistance and works on all your major muscle groups. Even at a beginner’s pace swimming ups your heart rate, resulting in a full-body workout even if you swim for only 30 minutes.

2. Swimming is easy on your joints. Does AxFit or Body Attack have your knees and back aching? The water in the pool supports 90% of your body weight, making it an awesome workout that’s less painful and carries a very low risk of injuries.

3. Swimming is a lifelong activity. With the low risk of injury and perfect combination of cardio & strength training,
swimming is an exercise for all ages. Swimming regularly can reduce cholesterol, arthritis pain, fibromyalgia and even your risk for chronic diseases.

If you still need a reason to get your feet wet, we have saline pools at the Parkcenter and Village locations. Saline pools are easier on your eyes, hair and skin, because they have less chemicals in them. There are even classes like Aqua Zumba offered! Think about how much better your lake time this summer will be when you’ve improved your swimming abilities. Just don’t forget your goggles!

Want to check the class schedule or see the free swim times? Just click here.

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