The 12 Days of Fitness

(For best results, sing these words to the tune of “12 Days of Christmas”)

On the first day of Christmas, my true gym gave to me: 12 days of working out free.

OK, you can stop singing now. It's time for sweating. Starting Dec. 3 and running through Dec. 15, Axiom will be feeling the holiday spirit. Every Axiom location will be free to the public those 12 days, all day. Every piece of equipment, every group class, every pool, every court, every everything in the Treasure Valley will be free, for everyone.

Here’s a list of ways you can spend your “free” time.

Day 1—Water, Water, Everywhere

Step your toe into the Axiom experience with one of our water exercise classes. They provide your body a break from placing "impact" on your joints, ligaments and tendons. They take less than an hour, and are a great way to get your metabolism flowing again.

Day 2—Running to Stand Still

Let’s step up your cardio, now that we have your metabolism flowing. The goal today is to sweat gently. Stair machines and treadmills can be set to a challenging but not punishing pace, while you read a magazine or catch up on some TV. Maybe you can use these 30 to 45 minutes to check that other list this month.

Day 3—Put Some Muscle Into It

OK, now we’re pumping—literally. It’s time to lift some free weights. Curls, bench press, military, upright rows … All these are excellent free weight exercises that build muscle, which is perfect for workouts the day before big holiday meals packed with proteins like turkey, ham and beef.

Day 4—Step Up to the Barre

Not the bar—yet—the barre, which is an Axiom class that combines yoga and Pilates. It’s time to use those muscles more gently now and stretch your body so it can repair after a heavy day of lifting. If you are a purist, don’t fret over the fusion. We have straight-up yoga and Pilates classes, too.

Day 5—Let’s Get to the Core, on the Floor

Working your abs should never be absent from your exercise regimen. But your “core” is more than just your six-pack. Get in a great mat-based workout at any of our facilities, where you can do everything from crunches to planks.

Day 6—Time to Relax

You’ve been working hard. You deserve a day to just play. Come into Axiom with a friend and play a few games of racquetball. It will warm you up, make you sweat and give your cardiovascular system one of the most efficient workouts possible.

Day 7 to 12—Repeat After Me

See the list above, and check it twice.

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