Partner Workouts

Getting to the gym can be difficult in our busy lives. And, it can be even more tough if we feel like our gym time is not efficient. Are you hitting a plateau in your results or feeling bored with your current routine? Improve your motivation, pump up your workouts and have more fun by getting a workout buddy! With Axiom’s VIP All-Club Membership, it’s easier now than ever!
If someone is expecting you to show up and is depending on you for their workout, the chances of you bailing on the gym are much lower. Having a workout buddy and a defined schedule will help make your trips to the gym a habit, and get results faster. Don’t let each other skip out – motivate and push each other to stick to the plan.
TIP: Schedule a session with an Axiom Personal Trainer and map out a workout plan that is right for your abilities.
Intensity & Form
Are you and your workout partner competitive? Some friendly competition in the gym doesn’t hurt. Having someone else in the gym to push you will definitely ramp up the intensity and you’ll perform better. They’re counting every rep, helping you push through that last set without cutting corners. You’ll also benefit from someone else watching your form while you workout (trust us, it’s better than staring in the mirror). Better form will reduce the risk of injury and build gains faster!
TIP: Spot for each other! A key component of weight lifting is having a spotter to assist you and keep you safe.
More Fun!
If you have a dedicated workout buddy, you’ll be able to expand the activities you do in the gym and you’ll have way more fun. Check out these workout moves designed specifically for two people! Helping yourself and your friend achieve their fitness goals will give you even more satisfaction than your endorphin high. Mix it up and take a Zumba or Body Pump class for some heart-pumping excitement and motivating instructors.
TIP: Create a shared playlist for you and your workout partner to jam to, or schedule some cardio time in the AxFlix room at The Village!
Grab your gym buddy, set a schedule, and get in the gym. Want to know more about Axiom’s Referral Program and guest privileges? Just ask the front desk at your home club!

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