Less Calories = More Fat?

A recent study shows that Americans nationwide have cut calories, especially in the added sugars and sodas category. Great – right? Not really. Unfortunately, the obesity rate in America has also gone up… meaning that we’re not pairing better eating habits with more physical activity.
One of our favorite things to say around here is “you can’t out-exercise a bad diet”. But, the saying goes both ways. If you want to lose weight, you need to improve your nutrition AND increase your physical activity. We’d also like to point out that eating less doesn’t always mean you’re eating better.It’s important to feed your body with foods that are nutrient-rich to keep your metabolism going.
The difficult part? Getting it done all at once. A complete lifestyle upheaval is pretty overwhelming for most people. However, making small changes every day, every week or even every month can have a huge payoff in the long run. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Drink more water throughout the day. Ride a Boise Green Bike instead of searching for parking downtown. The more often you challenge yourself, the more likely your healthy habits are going to stick around.
If you still need help setting some physical or nutritional goals, one of our Certified Personal Trainers is definitely up to the task. You can even request a free training session at your club!
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