Introducing AXSANA Yoga!

AXSANA, the newest program from Axiom, gives members the opportunity to experience a new level of Yoga classes not previously available from Axiom. Located at the Village at Meridian, AXSANA provides a comprehensive series of Yoga offerings that go far and above the classic programs you may have experienced previously with Axiom. Bringing in advanced teachers of all types of Yoga styles and methods, AXSANA classes and workshops will build your body, help calm your mind and help you live more fully, all for a fraction of the cost from a traditional Yoga studio with similar offerings.

AXSANA allows individuals to incorporate high-energy programming into your routine for a lean and toned physique and invigorate your body with a detoxifying sweat as you flow through postures in a heated environment. For those wanting to continue with our traditional basic Yoga offerings, members can still utilize these classes at any of our other Axiom locations.

We understand there may be some concern or frustrations in regards to the removal of free Yoga classes from the Village at Meridian location. As a locally owned club, we are always evaluating our programs and our costs. The truth is, the amenities at each club vary. Some have swimming. Others have basketball. At our Village at Meridian club, the demand for more enhanced offerings outweighed our ability to provide yoga at no cost. Because of this, we are happy to now offer yoga studio classes at a fraction of the cost compared to many yoga studios in the Treasure Valley. With an all-club membership, members have access to the specific amenities each Axiom club has to offer.

For the Yoga enthusiast, or simply those looking to take experience with Yoga to the next level, AXSANA is the perfect fit. After taking extensive member feedback into account asking for additional Yoga offerings, AXSANA was born. For $39.99/month, members will gain an all access pass to AXSANA classes, from Hot Yoga and Pilates to specific classes focusing on individual Yoga styles such as AXSANA Power Yoga and more.

Current AXSANA classes include:

AXSANA Power Yoga
AXSANA Hot Pilates

The best part? This is just the beginning! AXSANA will continue to add new programs and class times, giving AXSANA members some of the most comprehensive Yoga offerings in Idaho. AXSANA is a friendly studio welcoming students of all levels, so regardless of your experience, give AXSANA a try!

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