Heating Up Your Workouts During the Cold Winter Months

The “winter blues” is something all of us are susceptible to, thanks to holiday stresses and weather challenges. The good news is Axiom classes and workouts can play a big role in not just toning your bod, but warming your mood, too. Here’s how:

Wake up, Sleepy!

Less sunlight during winter triggers more melatonin production in your body, which causes your body to want more sleep. Craving sleep during your waking hours can be a struggle. Axiom gyms are indoor facilities, so we can’t give you access to more sunshine. However, regular exercise is a proven factor for improving circadian rhythms (your “body clock”) so you can get quality sleep at night and feel refreshed during the day.

Say ‘Ohm’ to Stress

Numerous peer-reviewed studies over the last several decades all come to the same conclusion: practicing yoga makes you happier. It’s also a great workout with a low impact on your body. That’s why Axiom offers five varieties of yoga classes as well as tai chi. For some folks, regular yoga has been a life-changer. For others, it’s a nice break between intense cardio workouts. Take a class and see what it does for you.

Trick Your Body

If the reason for any sadness in the season is physical, get your body feeling like its summer not winter. Spend more time at an Axiom pool. Swimming laps and treading water are low-impact ways to get in some excellent cardio work. After that, take in some down time with the temperature turned up. Axiom hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms are great ways to feel the warmth your winter body craves.

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