Get Summer Abs with These Quick Tips!

The sun is out, the temperature is going up, and soon we’ll be out and about rafting, hiking, swimming and boating. Summer in Idaho is pretty much perfect, and it’s important to feel confident in both your physical abilities and how you look in your swimsuit or summer clothes.
You’ve been in the gym all winter working. You’re healthier, happier and your physical results will make those activities even more enjoyable and help you feel your best. However – carving out those defined abdominals we all dream of can be more difficult to achieve. We’ve put together some easy-to-follow tips on dialing in those summer abs! Even if you’re just starting your fitness regimen – these tips can can help you get a jump start:
Dial in your nutrition.
This is the most important step. Cut back on starchy foods, carbohydrates and artificial sugars (yes, including alcohol) and increase your protein intake. Protein sources such as chicken, tuna, eggs, and powders, build muscle and are the least likely macronutrient to be converted to body fat. Proteins are also an effective appetite suppressant and have a mild diuretic effect, allowing us to lose some of the definition-limiting water weight. By raising your protein intake to 40 percent of your total daily calories, your results will shine through as we get closer to summer.
This means drinking water too! Staying well hydrated is not only important for warmer months, it also reduces bloating and keeps your digestion functioning the way it should. High protein diets actually dehydrate muscle, so make sure you increase your water intake when increasing your protein intake and exercise level. The amount of water needed per day depends on your level of exercise, but drinking at least a gallon of water a day will help reduce cravings, improve your golden summer glow and keep your body hydrated throughout the day. Just make sure you don’t try to drink the gallon all at once!
Keep up with cardio.
The simple truth is that summer abs won’t happen if you don’t lose the excess body fat first. It’s true that you can burn calories by doing anything that elevates your heartrate, but including quick cardio bursts at the end of strength sessions that focus on core contractions yields quicker results for summer abs! If you’re looking for a solid hour of fat-burning fun, HIIT cardio is a great way to get your heart rate into the fat-burning zone without spending an hour running on the treadmill. Axiom offers a Body Attack class as a fun, free ways to try HIIT – check your club’s schedule for the next Body Attack class!
Keep your abs guessing.
As with any muscle group, you need to mix up your ab routine to see results. Our muscles learn by repetition, and performing the same exercise over-and-over shows a decrease in results over time. When developing your ab routine, do different exercises each day to ensure that all the abdominal muscles are strengthened evenly. Also, remember that you can work your abs during any full-body workout. Contract your core during lifting exercises and engage in instability sets to generate short bursts of contraction to keep your body stable. Every movement is an opportunity to engage the core, so use it to your advantage!
Ready to craft the perfect ab workout? An Axiom Personal Trainer can help you form a plan that’s specific to your needs and your body type. Stop by your home club and schedule a session!

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