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Starting an exercise routine can seem daunting to many people due to the misconception that it requires hours and hours of hard work to get in shape. Sure, it takes dedication and motivation to get on, and stay on, the wagon but the benefits of exercise can be seen in short bursts throughout the week. Taking the time to incorporate a few minutes of intense activity can boost your metabolism and cardiovascular fitness while not disrupting your normal routine.
Scientists know that regular training improves cardiovascular fitness, however, they do not know the exact specifics behind how intense the exercise should be to deliver the greatest benefit. Recently, researchers from Norway found that three short high-intensity sessions per week can make significant differences for inactive men. They saw a 13% increase in their fitness and a decrease in blood pressure. Researchers warn, however, that people already in shape will not see the same fitness gains.
This is great news for folks who are inactive and struggling to start exercising. Grab your sedentary friends and encourage them to start moving.
Have a great weekend, ya'll!

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