Gear Up for Winter Sports

Winter sports season is just around the corner. Now is a great time to step up your routine at the gym to improve your performance and prevent injury. Whether you’re hitting the slopes, the ice, or the court – take your performance to the next level by strengthening target muscles that allow you to get more out of your game. Here are some tips to focus your training as you prepare for your best season ever.


Before heading to the mountain, the best muscles to target include glutes, quadriceps, and thighs. Much of the mobility needed for skiing and snowboarding comes from a bent position, engaging the glutes and quadriceps to stay balanced. Gravity enthusiasts rely on strong upper leg muscles and hip flexibility to shift weight and navigate terrain. To activate these muscles, add resistance band exercises into your routine. Great band movements for glutes and hips include band walks, wall sits, and side-stepping drills.


Knee injuries are arguably the most dreaded injuries of basketball. Torn knee ligaments are typically season-ending, and often career-changing. To keep your knees healthy, consider strength training methods that focus on ACL injury prevention. When doing squats, lunges, or box jumps, focus on keeping hips and knees level and toes pointed straight forward. Remove added weights if your knees or ankles start to collapse as your body lowers. Safely stretch out if you experience tightness in your calves or hips.


Similar to skiers and snowboarders, hockey players rely on flexible hips and strong glutes for balance and support on the ice. Strengthen and control your stride through lateral and step-behind lunges and lateral skater hop drills. Hockey players’ balance also relies on strong core muscles. Fire up your core through front and side planks and single leg deadlifts. Proper core training can help players reduce back pain and increase stability. For any of the sports listed above, be mindful of your recovery. Consider using a foam roller to gently roll out your legs and glutes after your workouts. Foam rolling keeps your muscle tissue mobile to prevent cramping and reduce soreness. Questions on developing the right workout plan for your winter activities? Our personal trainers are here to help! Stop by your local gym today or visit our personal training page for more information.

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