Four Foods That Feed Your Muscles


Muscles don’t grow on trees, but some muscle foods do. Whenever you think of building muscles you probably think of protein, but that’s not the only way to go. Here are a few foods that secretly do wonders for building up your muscles.
Apples - Surprisingly enough there is actually a substance in the apple peal that promotes muscle development and the good kinds of fat. More research is being conducted on the substance but for now an apple a day might be a great idea.
Cherries - Prepare your muscles for an intense workout by grabbing a handful of these tasty treats. Polyphenols in cherries help buffer the damage done to your cells during intense exercise. Try adding a cup of cherries to your morning smoothie or eating dried cherries mixed with almonds.
Kefir - This fermented milk beverage has protein from whey and casein, which both contain essential amino acids your body needs to rebuild muscle tissue post-workout. It was mostly sold at health food stores but has become popular enough to be carried in most grocery stores. Make it fun by adding fruit or granola.
Chis Seeds - Chia seeds contain a unique omega-3 called stearidonic acid, which converts easily to the anti-inflammatory, essential omega-3 EPA to aid muscle recovery. Unlike flax seed, chia seeds don’t need to be ground. This makes it easier to mix them in to your smoothies and salads.

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