Eating Clean


Health professionals talk a lot about 'Clean Eating' when they give advice about improving health and losing weight, but what does that really mean? Can food be dirty? Can our habits be unclean? If you are looking to tidy up your diet, use these tips to make better food choices and start 'eating clean'.
1. Reduce Processed Foods - By choosing fresh, whole foods you eliminate artificial ingredients that are man-made and likely unhealthy. Think about your favorite meals and snacks and try to modify them so they are in their most natural state.
2. Read Labels - You are what you eat. If you do not know what you're eating then you will not truly know your own health. Read the label of your most commonly eaten foods and if you cannot pronounce an ingredient then do not eat it.
3. Eat Plenty of Plants - Filled with a bounty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, fruits and vegetables are nature's perfect foods when it comes to eating clean and healthy. Just watch the sauces you slather over them and eat a variety of different colored options every day.

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