Eat this, NOT that!

Eat This Not That! Great idea, but what if you have three choices?

Years ago I read a book about communication. It said to never give a sucker's choice as the only option. What is a sucker's choice, you say? A sucker's choice is the choice between two options that are both unappealing. Like a visit for a root canal or a prostate exam, both suck! There you have a sucker's choice.

When I, as a fitness professional, see a book that helps you make a decision between two foods while dining out, I think WHY? We have been educated about food well enough to make the right decision between two foods almost without error. Tuna fish sandwich with an apple, or a burger and fries? Red Robin's Ensenada Chicken platter, or their BLTA Croissant with fries? We know the correct answers.

So the issue is making the right decision, not a lack of understanding of the best choice. The REAL issue is that we are not given a sucker's choice on food. This is the age of "your way, right away." You have literally thousands of choices per mile in certain areas of the treasure valley. Shoot, you have almost a thousand choices at the Cheesecake Factory, let alone the whole mall.

How do we make sense of this and still succeed with our weight loss goals when there are so many choices? Embrace the gray. What I mean is to accept that we have thousands of choices and the ability to ask for things how we want them. If you go to a restaurant and find some foods that look good, but they are paired with something you know is not good for you and your goal, ask for what you want! Get it your way.

Though it would be easier to have a sucker's choice for your weight loss goals, our society is built on options. Embrace your power as a consumer and ask for what you want. If they can't accommodate, go elsewhere, or give your fries away.

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