Delicious and Nutritious Smoothies

Take your fitness routine to the next level by incorporating smoothies into your diet. No, not those sugary smoothies you find at the mall - we’re talking about high-protein, vitamin-packed smoothies. Smoothies made with whole, natural ingredients are nutrient-dense, providing more necessary vitamins and fats for healthy living than most multivitamins. Not only are smoothies delicious, they also have incredible health benefits and compliment your efforts in the gym nicely. Best of all, smoothies are quick and easy! But what ingredients should be included in the blender? And how should those ingredients play to your specific goals?


If you’re trying to build muscle, an extra boost of protein should be included in your smoothie blend. This can be whey or soy, depending on your tastes or allergies. Why? Giving your body extra fuel post-workout ensures that it builds additional muscle and burns fat, instead of risking the use of your current muscle as fuel.

Trying to stay slim? That’s okay, protein is still a good ingredient to include in your smoothies because it helps your muscles recover and burn extra fat after you’re done, but try to include more veggies and fruit to keep calories down.

Be sure to mix it up as much as you can, so that your body gets a variety of nutrients and vitamins from a range of sources. If you’re a meal-prepper, smoothies can easily be made ahead in freezer packs for convenience.


Base- Pick a base for your smoothie that helps thicken it up and adds some healthy fats for maximum nutrient absorption. Greek yogurt, avocados, almond milk, keifer or coconut meat are some tasty options that provide you with additional nutrients and protein.

Fruit- Adding your favorite fruit to your smoothie provides you with lots of vitamins and antioxidants (think bananas for potassium, citrus for Vitamin C and berries for antioxidants). Fruit is a great supply of natural sugar, so you taste a hint of sweetness without any of the side effects of artificial junk like aspartame.

Veggies- Tossing in a handful of spinach, kale or chard amps up the vitamins in your smoothie and gives you a serving of vegetables without eating yet another salad. Dark greens like that are mega sources of Vitamin K, A and C – not to mention iron, fiber and calcium. Be sure to include carrots, cucumbers or celery to mix it up from the leafy greens.

Flavors- If you need some extra flavor, choose a low-calorie option that gives your smoothie a kick. Cinnamon, honey, or vanilla and almond extracts are great options that suit any taste buds.

Each Axiom location has a Fuel Center with delicious combinations and plenty of extra add-ins like protein and fiber. You can also create your own combination! What’s your favorite recipe that you make at home or to order at the Fuel Center? Share it with us!

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