Can Supplements Help My Training?


At Axiom Fitness, we always are ready to say that the best way to get a toned, lean body is to add a little bit of Vitamin E (E as in exercise) to your weekly routine. However, we do realize that there is some merit to a lot of the exercise supplements that are out on the market today. The only problem is that for every nutritional supplement that is actually worth the money that you spend on it, there seems to be three or four supplements that are just not worth your time. Before you shell out any more of your hard earned money, make sure that the supplements that you are taking are actually beneficial using this quick checklist.

Does your supplement have clinical studies that back its effectiveness? If it hasn't been clinically approved, or if it has no science to back it up, you might want to rethink buying that next bottle. Sadly, the nutritional supplement industry is not as heavily regulated and monitored as the food industry, which means that you have to rely on studies in order to determine whether or not the supplement in question actually delivers any results. No studies usually is a sign that it's a shill.

Have there been incidents involving your supplement and hospitalizations? A supplement that has been linked to hospitalizations or illness is one that you should steer clear of. Even if it is approved for use by the FDA, multiple hospitalizations linked with your supplement should be reason enough for you to stop using the supplement that you are currently using. Your health is not something that you want to sacrifice for a lean body.

Does your supplement consist of ingredients that have been linked to weight loss, muscle building, and boosted energy? This is always a good sign! You do have to make sure that the supplements that you are taking actually contain the ingredients that they say they do – especially if your supplement comes from a foreign country with little to no regulation. Stick to established brands that have a track record of creating quality products and supplements.

Does the company that makes your nutritional supplement have a history of lawsuits, court orders, and similar problems? This is a very, very clear sign that you may be dealing with a supplement company that is involved in fraudulent marketing tactics, consumer rip-offs, or even worse. Always research the company and the product prior to spending money on a nutritional supplement. If you find signs of an unethical company, RUN!

Dont fall for the marketing and advertising tactics of supplement companies. Supplement companies often used attractive models and biased data in their ads. Do your own research and know exactly what the supplement does and why you might want to take it before spending your money. Supplements are expensive and the last thing you want to do is be paying for something that has no benefit, or may be even harmful to your body. Also pay no attention to before and after pictures used in supplement ads. While some of them may be real, many of them are completly fabricated using photography effects and Photoshop.

Does your doctor approve of you using the supplement in question? You should never start taking a nutritional supplement without the prior consent or consultation from your doctor. Every body is different, and your doctor may be able to tell you about any issues that may arise from you taking that particular supplement. What is safe for most may not be safe for you, so always check before you start supplementing your diet.

Do YOU feel comfortable taking the supplement? If you took the supplement before and got jittery, nauseous, or sick, don't take it again. This is a sign that you can potentially get seriously hurt from continued use of the product, so stop taking it and make a note never to buy it again. This is common sense!

Remember, supplements only work if used is conjuction with proper diet and exercise, that's why they are called supplements. Ask any succesful athlete or fitness trainer and they will tell you that they got to where they are by following a strict diet and training regimen. Supplements have their place in fitness, but they are not the foundation to having a fit body. Taking nutritional supplements is not something that should be done without a lot of consideration and research. As long as you look before you leap, you will likely be able to stay healthy while your figure and body benefits from the supplements that you take.

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