Benefits of Using Coconut Oil


In order to to stay in the best possible shape, it is important to pay attention to nutrition and the types of things that you're eating. One product that has become popular in recent years is coconut oil. This flavorful oil is mostly saturated fat which normally has a bad reputation for clogging arteries and increasing inflammation. Coconut oil is different, however, because the type of saturated fat it contains is not the same as the unhealthy dairy or beef fats. It actually improves good cholesterol levels, assists healthy thyroid function, acts as an antioxidant, reduces body fat, and is an excellent moisturizer for skin and hair.
The best type of coconut oil to purchase is the Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil because it retains its natural flavor and all the health benefits of the nut. Here are some ways to incorporate coconut oil into your life:

  • Cooking stir-fry (it has a high smoke point and will not burn)

  • As a skin lotion (use a small amount to decrease greasiness)

  • As a cloth diaper-safe diaper cream (just slather on baby's bottom)

  • To prevent stretch marks (use as regular lotion on a pregnant belly)

  • To soothe skin irritation like psoriasis, eczema or cradle cap

  • As a yeast or fungus fighter (athlete's foot!)

  • As a natural shave cream

  • To season cast iron skillets

Have a healthy week!

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