Axiom Weekly Motivational Email January 11th, 2013

Wellness Tips
Holy Snow, Batman! I hope you are all safe and sound out there on those icy Idaho roads. I also hope you are taking the best care of yourself during this hectic New Year's, back-to-school, winter routine time. Part of taking the best care of yourself and your family is making sure you are meeting your nutritional goals through food and supplements. It is especially important that you supplement your diet if you are restricting calories or your diet is not all that varied.

The nutrients we need to live, function and thrive are all found in the foods that we eat -- in theory. There are some common reasons why we just are not meeting our nutritional goals, however. First, we tend to eat foods that are low quality and highly processed. The grinding, processing, and milling processes deplete food items of their natural nutrients. Whole wheat bread, still a processed food, has many more nutrients than white bread which is processed to within an inch of its life. Try eating foods that are as close to their natural form as possible to ensure the most nutrients.

Secondly, we repeatedly eat the same 10 foods over and over. Think about the foods you have consumed this week. You probably had the same breakfast at least three times, your snacks do not vary all that much, and dinners are where you likely get the most variety. Someone a lot wiser than me once said, "Variety is the spice of life", and that is true for food and nutrition as well. Important nutrients come from brightly-colored and vibrant foods and even if you eat orange carrots, green spinach, and red meat you will still miss out on a lot of needed nutrients. Try eating every color of food on a daily basis. Someone a lot richer than me once said, "Taste the Rainbow" (the Skittles tag line!), and he's right too!
Lastly, there is a lot of poor quality soil due to over-farming in this country. What was once a fertile farmland has been used and abused over the decades and the foods grown are not getting nutrients from the soil anymore. Choosing organic foods may help this aspect a bit because the organic farms are required to rotate their crops for maximal nutrients but it will not completely solve the problem.
Because of the limited amount of true nutrients coming from the foods we consume, I recommend that all my clients take a good multivitamin and an omega-3 fish oil supplement. The multivitamin will fill in the gaps where our diets are lacking and the fish oil supplement will help decrease inflammation and improve cardiovascular and brain health. Most drugstore brands are not the best quality and do not disintegrate in our stomachs so, in turn, they are not absorbed. At Axiom, we carry the dotFIT brands that are high-quality and highly absorbable.

If you have any questions about your multivitamin or supplement needs do not hesitate to ask our fitness professionals at all three locations. Feel free to email me directly with personal supplement recommendations if you do not already have a trainer.

Happy Friday, everyone! Be safe out there!

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