Axiom Success Story - Erin Holtz

When I made the decision to work with a trainer, I was 3 months away from my wedding and needed to slim down to fit into my dress. My past attempts at weight loss have been marginally successful - at best, so I knew I needed a changed. After signing up at Axiom, I scheduled a free assessment with Kevin where we discussed every aspect of reaching my goals.

Kevin was there for me above and beyond what I expected. Each session went as long as was necessary to cover all my concerns, he would email me in the middle of the week to check in, he tracked EVERYTHING that went on to dotFIT and made sure to discuss all my questionable decisions, he knew when I was due to get more supplements and was always there to recommend ones that could help improve my results. I know I've only reached my goal because I had Kevin there to hold me accountable and encourage me throughout the last 3 months.

I wasn't exactly sure what needed to go in so I might have taken it a little too close to the infomercial side of things. Let me know what I need to change.

See you, and the dreaded scale of disappointment, soon...

Erin Holtz

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