Axiom Success Story - Dawn Sykes

My name is Dawn Sykes, and my journey with weight loss started in the summer of 2012, after my husband had a heart attack and had to undergo emergency heart surgery. After countless appointments with Cardiologists and Nutritionists, started thinking that maybe I hadn't always made the best choices when it came to food, exercise, and that I could be next on the operating table. Could not let that happen, I have a full life ahead of me, that includes 4 grandchildren. I have to be around to play with and watch them grow.

I walked into this gym, with the attitude, that I would maybe last 3 weeks, then quit. But after teaming up with Jesse, everything changed. With his expertise, help, unconditional support, I learned about nutrition, exercise, the extreme importance of them, and doing them together correctly.

Jesse has been my trainer, partner and friend. None of the success that we have achieved would have happened without him. So far I have lost 54 lbs and 10% body fat, and feel like I am just getting started.


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