Aiming for a Fit & Healthy Lifestyle? How Axiom 90 Day Challenge Winner Lost 55 Lbs!

Everyone dealing with unhealthy weight issues has that one moment in their life that sparks a need for change. For Lori Wielenga, it took a visit to the doctor’s office. Her doc told her that she wouldn’t be able to have another child if she didn’t lose weight. As though it were meant to be, Lori entered Axiom and noticed a sign screaming at her – the Axiom 90 Day Challenge! With little hesitation, she signed up for the challenge that day – the last day in 2012. It was her time to change. It was time for her New Year, new life.


loribeforeafterLori’s Motivation: It’s the Little Things
She knew it wouldn’t be easy - but her faith and close friends kept her accountable and motivated. She began picturing the life she wanted, and knew that a lot had to be changed and sustained in order to make that life a reality. Setting small challenges helped keep her motivated. She decided to do a five-mile race and finished 5 mins faster than expected, she beat her mid-way weight goal by three pounds, and she also ran a half marathon 7 mins faster than her time goal.
The Equation: Axiom Resources Made the Goal Easier to Achieve
The resources that were available to Lori through her gym membership at Axiom were definitely a great starting point. With an array of classes, great facilities, state of the art fitness equipment and much more, she knew she was in the right place. But the missing link from her success equation was a personal trainer. Not just someone to help keep her motivated, but someone who could inform her about her unique health history and infertility situation, who would potentially craft a perfect training and meal plan specific to her body.
kennyliftEnter Kenny, Personal Trainer


Lori decided to fully commit to fit and hired her personal trainer, Kenny. Kenny’s confidence in Lori, combined with his experience in personal training and the knowledge that goes along with it, were ultimately what pushed Lori to not only succeed, but to continue living a healthy lifestyle. Something Kenny said stuck with Lori – “If you really want to change, I honestly believe you can do it.” This gave her the drive to complete the challenge.
His workouts pushed her body to new limits and blast through plateaus. He took the time to meet with her, get to know her, and genuinely cared about helping her reach the goals she set for herself. Lori states that one of the very best parts of the challenge was meeting Kenny and working with him.
“My body would not be the same without his direction, guidance, and genuine care for my overall health. I will always be indebted to Kenny for everything he helped me understand about myself during the challenge and in the year that followed. I can’t sufficiently select words that describe Kenny, but they include compassionate, incredible, patient, kind, inspiring, fierce competitor, and friend.”

resultedinLori’s Transformation Resulted In…


Not just a healthier, more fit body, but also a complete life makeover. She realized that before the challenge, she was harboring emotions such as anger, resentment, frustration, holding grudges and a handful of other unhealthy emotions. By committing to making a change, she was able to surrender those feelings and move on as a healthy, whole and forgiven person. “My life all around is just better. I’ve completed physical feats that seemed unfathomable before, like running races, climbing mountains, and picking up dancing again. I can keep up with my daughter and nephews. The best part of transforming? I live my life to the fullest,” says Lori
Lori’s Tips for People Trying to Lose Weight and Transform Their Lifestyle
1. Spend time reflecting on why you want to change. Are you overweight? Spend time figuring out why. Understand your weaknesses and blast through each obstacle you encounter. If being overweight is the symptom of a greater personal issue – resolve it! The weight will disappear.
2. Hire a trainer. Lori states that she would not have been successful without Kenny – period. She emphasizes the importance of having a fitness professional coach you, to provide you with unbiased insight and encourage you throughout the challenge. Family & friends are great; but a trainer is indispensible.
3. You have to really want it. Want it more than the Valentine’s Day dessert, more than Super Bowl nachos, more than Easter Candy, more than sleeping in on Saturday and skipping a workout, more than ANYTHING that detracts from your goal. Focus on all aspects – nutrition, training, and mental preparedness.
4. Eliminate anyone unhealthy in your life that prevents you from attaining your ultimate goal.
5. Be persistent. You won’t lose it all in one week, and you won’t drop three jean sizes in two weeks. Stay with it, be persistent, committed, and make small, gradual changes that add up to an entirely new life.


Kenny&LoriEven if you missed registration, the Axiom 90 Day Challenge happens twice a year. You can still start transforming your lifestyle- learn more about our personal trainers.

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