5 Workout Tips to Get Ready for Summer!

Summer is upon us and that means it’s the season of swimsuits, shorts and tank tops – along with days at the lake, on the river and at the pool. Everyone wants to feel comfortable and confident no matter what they’re wearing or where they are – and we’ve put together a few tips to help keep you on track for staying physically fit this summer and achieving YOUR ideal summer physique.
Work on your stability.
Working the smaller muscles that support joint stability keeps you safe and injury-free during all your summer activities (no rolled ankles here!). Try incorporating a stability ball or bosu ball into your workout routine – it helps work even more muscle groups (think core) and improve the stability of your smaller muscles surrounding your joints.
Be realistic.
Setting goals is incredibly important in your fitness journey. However, you’re not going to lose 10 pounds in a week, so your goals need to be realistic. A great place to start is with a Body Composition breakdown. Knowing exactly where you are in terms of weight, BMI and muscle mass helps you set realistic goals – like consistently losing 1% of body weight per week.
Prep your meals.
We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again – you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. Meal prep is a huge factor in achieving your perfect summer physique. If you’re headed out and about for a hike or even just a ride down the greenbelt, make sure to plan ahead and have healthy options at hand so you’re not tempted to stuff a fried Snickers bar in your face. Keeping healthy snacks nearby keeps your metabolism revving - trail mix, apples and clementines are great options that don’t require any refrigeration.
Muscle groups to focus on – Legs & Core.
If your summer plans involve a lot of activity like biking, hiking, rafting and swimming, make sure to build strength in your legs and core. Your core helps keep you stable and prevent injuries, and your legs do most of the work during the summer! Plus, who doesn’t want to look great in shorts or a swimsuit?!
Schedule time to workout.
There are tons of fun activities going on this summer, and odds are you’re going to try and hit as many as you can. However, staying on track with your fitness goals cannot be pushed to the side. We recommend scheduling out time for your workouts, where you know you’ll be in the gym, and if you struggle staying personally accountable then sign-up for a class multiple times in the week. Think of your time in the gym as time with your boss. Bosses don’t cancel. Get serious about your goals and work toward them!
Remember – the work you do in the gym and the kitchen has a big impact on your summer activities and your summer physique. If you need help crafting the perfect workout plan or want to get a complimentary body composition, be sure to stop by your home club and speak to an Axiom Certified Personal Trainer.

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