5 Tips To Stay ‘On Track’ During the Holiday

We get it. You’re tempted to “just enjoy the holidays” and get back on track with your diet and exercise regimen—some time after January 1. Did you know you can enjoy the holidays and stay on track? Here are 5 tips to make your New Year’s resolution something that’s already been solved.

1. Size Matters—Work your larger muscle groups extensively during the holidays. After a workout, muscles rebuild and repair themselves through nutrient uptake. The larger muscles groups (like legs) require the most uptake, so any “extra” holiday calories you take in before or after working out have a better chance of being used by your body, rather than getting stored as fat.

2. Prioritize Protein—If you are going to indulge in holiday foods, let proteins be the delicacy of choice. That’s because when muscles don’t use up all the protein you’ve taken in, the excess gets passed through your digestive system rather than stored as fat. So, instead of extra mashed potatoes or a big dessert, think lots of lean turkey or grass-fed beef—it’s high in omega-3 fatty acids, which aids in digestion.

3. A Family Affair—Chances are you have family staying with you from out of town. Maybe you’re the one who’s the guest. Perhaps you live in the same neck of the woods. Whatever the situation, make it a family tradition to burn calories together. A Christmas Eve family snowshoe hike in the day, a Thanksgiving morning family football game, and an Axiom group fitness class are fun examples.

4. Work With the Weather—Don’t let cold, winter weather be an excuse for hibernating. If you miss swimming or warm water, get to the gym and swim some laps, or sit in the sauna or hot tub. If you like the snow, play in it. Just 30 minutes of activity can burn 200 to 400 calories. Snowball fight anyone?

5. Reduce Stress—It’s easier said than done, but doing things like getting good sleep or receiving a massage can lower stress significantly. And that means you won’t just feel better, you’ll be less prone to weight gain, too. Schedule a spa day at Axiom Relax Spa!

And don’t forget to have a joyous holiday season!

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