5 Tips for New Year’s Resolution Success

At Axiom, we see a lot of new faces early in the New Year thanks to the resolutions many of us make. Our personal trainers and staff want to see smiles on those faces at this time next year. So, we’ve put together some tips to help you find success and reach your goals in 2017, especially the ones involving health and fitness.

Be Realistic

If you spent much of 2016 working out regularly, eating right, and running several miles a week, then completing a marathon in 2017 is a realistic goal. If you’re recovering from an injury, need to drop 50 pounds, or haven’t run in years, it may be a health risk.

Nonetheless, you should set goals—realistic ones like completing a 10k or a half marathon, for instance. Or something less daunting, like going to spin class twice a week for the next year. Evaluate where you are now, so you can realize a new you in the future.

Divide and Conquer

Loosely stated resolutions like, “I want to look great at the beach” are hard to make a reality, because they can seem overwhelming or distant. Breaking up those big goals into smaller ones helps us manage and visualize them.

Imagine you want to lose 20 pounds by summer. If you set out to lose 4 pounds per month for 5 months, develop a game plan with an Axiom personal trainer to take in and to burn a specific amount of calories over a manageable course of time—an amount that would put you on pace to lose, say, 1 pound per week.

Buddy Up

Your odds of reaching your goals spike whenever you are accountable to another party. Getting a personal trainer or having a workout buddy are ideal ways to make oneself accountable. But don’t stop there, consider these accountability buddies:

  • Group classes—Sign up for a class where you can be accountable to teachers and other students, especially if you let them know your goals.
  • Social media friends—Announce your goal on Facebook and post selfies or updates on your progress. Watch the support roll in!
  • Participation in the Axiom Success Challenge—There’s a nominal fee, but you get a free heart rate monitor, access to professional training advice, and the chance to win cash and other prizes.

Celebrate Steps

Remember those baby steps? Don’t forget to celebrate the small steps after you’ve taken them. The “party” doesn’t have to be anything crazy. It can be a trip to the movies, letting yourself sleep in an extra hour on the weekend, or going on a mini shopping spree with your Axiom Perx Advantage membership. Discount massage anyone?

Change How You Think, Not Just How You Act

Resolutions are typically focused on what you are going to do or what action you plan to take. That’s all good, but it’s not the whole picture. Cognitive Behavioral Psychology theorizes that our thoughts determine our feelings and behavior. In other words, we can’t change what we do if we don’t change how we think.

So, if your goal is to work out more, you need to think differently about your time at the gym. One idea is to call your workout time your “me time.” Even if you don’t at first believe it, the more you say it out loud and talk to people about it as your special time to focus on yourself, the more your body will believe it. And when you see your body comfortably fit into a swimsuit in June, everyone else will believe you, too.

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