The “winter blues” is something all of us are susceptible to, thanks to holiday stresses and weather challenges. The good news is Axiom classes and workouts can play a big role in not just toning your bod, but warming your mood, too. Here’s how:

Wake up, Sleepy!

Less sunlight during winter triggers more melatonin production in your body, which causes your body to want more sleep. Craving sleep during your waking hours can be a struggle. Axiom gyms are indoor facilities, so we can’t give you access to more sunshine. However, regular exercise is a proven factor for improving circadian rhythms (your “body clock”) so you can get quality sleep at night and feel refreshed during the day.

Say ‘Ohm&rsq...

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At Axiom, we see a lot of new faces early in the New Year thanks to the resolutions many of us make. Our personal trainers and staff want to see smiles on those faces at this time next year. So, we’ve put together some tips to help you find success and reach your goals in 2017, especially the ones involving health and fitness.

Be Realistic

If you spent much of 2016 working out regularly, eating right, and running several miles a week, then completing a marathon in 2017 is a realistic goal. If you’re recovering from an injury, need to drop 50 pounds, or haven’t run in years, it may be a health risk.

Nonetheless, you should set goals—realistic ones like completing a 10k or a half marathon, for instance. Or something less daunti...

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Holiday Fact #1

One of the most special gifts in life is one that can’t be wrapped: good health.

Holiday Fact #2

It seems like there’s always someone you need to shop for “last minute.”

Holiday Fact #3

Axiom can help you give a special gift, even in the nick of time. For $99, we’re offering the popular MyZone Heart Monitor, which accurately measures biometric data so you can create workout challenges, check performance rankings and share accomplishments on your social media feeds. We’ll also throw in a free 30-day Axiom membership, so your friend or loved one can make the most of their “heartfelt” gift.

Holiday Fact #4

Sometimes, the best gift you can do for a friend or loved one is constra...

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(For best results, sing these words to the tune of “12 Days of Christmas”)

On the first day of Christmas, my true gym gave to me: 12 days of working out free.

OK, you can stop singing now. It's time for sweating. Starting Dec. 3 and running through Dec. 15, Axiom will be feeling the holiday spirit. Every Axiom location will be free to the public those 12 days, all day. Every piece of equipment, every group class, every pool, every court, every everything in the Treasure Valley will be free, for everyone.

Here’s a list of ways you can spend your “free” time.

Day 1—Water, Water, Everywhere

Step your toe into the Axiom experience with one of our water exercise classes. They provide your body a break from ...

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We get it. You’re tempted to “just enjoy the holidays” and get back on track with your diet and exercise regimen—some time after January 1. Did you know you can enjoy the holidays and stay on track? Here are 5 tips to make your New Year’s resolution something that’s already been solved.

1. Size Matters—Work your larger muscle groups extensively during the holidays. After a workout, muscles rebuild and repair themselves through nutrient uptake. The larger muscles groups (like legs) require the most uptake, so any “extra” holiday calories you take in before or after working out have a better chance of being used by your body, rather than getting stored as fat.

2. Prioritize Protein&mdas...

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Winter sports season is just around the corner. Now is a great time to step up your routine at the gym to improve your performance and prevent injury. Whether you’re hitting the slopes, the ice, or the court – take your performance to the next level by strengthening target muscles that allow you to get more out of your game. Here are some tips to focus your training as you prepare for your best season ever.


Before heading to the mountain, the best muscles to target include glutes, quadriceps, and thighs. Much of the mobility needed for skiing and snowboarding comes from a bent position, engaging the glutes and quadriceps to stay balanced. Gravity enthusiasts rely on strong upper leg muscles and hip fl...

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It doesn’t feel like it’s been 5 years since opening the doors to Axiom and welcoming the wonderful people of the Treasure Valley into Boise’s premier fitness experience. But it has been. As our members would agree, the thing that makes Axiom special are the people and employees. So to celebrate, we’ve decided to ask our trainers to name their favorite workouts and exercises. Here are the Top 5:

Bent Over Row

“This is an incredible exercise because one can feel their whole body working while doing it. It is a compound exercise that involves multiple joints and muscle groups working together to accomplish a great pull movement.”
—Tyler Eisenbess (Meridian)

Dumbbell Lateral Raises

“This is a g...

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Five years! Can you believe we're already celebrating our 5-year anniversary? As we celebrate our quinquennial, we began to think about the fitness trends that have come to life over the past 5 years. Below is a look at trends that have popped up since 2012.

2012—Group Personal Training

One of the trends that really became popular in our first year was Group Personal Training. One of the advantages of this form of training is the benefit of individual attention and personalized workouts without having to pay for one-on-one training. There is also more energy in a group setting, and a little competition in the gym is never a bad thing. As great as group personal training might be, the benefits to private coaching are irreplaceable.


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Did you know there are still 24 hours in a day? Of course, but it feels like there is less time to get things done today than in years past. Between school, work, family, social life, and exercise, who has the time to get everything done?
As a result, you may be part of a growing number of people who go to bed later and get up earlier to get daily tasks done. But you should know, letting your sleep take the hit for a busy schedule is a problem that can impact your health.

Wake Up to the Health Stats

A review of 15 studies from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) found some alarming statistics in which sleep quality and duration can have a direct impact on your health. The study found that people who get less than the ...

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The link between maintaining an active lifestyle and being the kind of person we strive to be is not a secret. However, that doesn't mean juggling fitness between all the other day-to-day tasks in your life is a natural balance.

School, in particular, can get in the way of exercising, and ultimately reaching your fitness goals. During the summer, students often dedicate more time to their workout regimen. Then, as things pick up in the fall, schedules get weighed down with increased workloads. It becomes more difficult to find a chance to work out. It’s an understandable predicament, but when working out takes a backseat to everything else, you won’t meet your fitness goals.

To combat this problem, here are some tips for succ...

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