Group classes from Axiom are a great solution for anyone looking to mix up their workout routines. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or are a gym veteran, there are many benefits to joining one of Axiom’s diverse series of group classes. If you are looking to increase strength while simultaneously burning fat, check out the original LES MILLS™ Body Pump class. For those looking to add a bit of cardio, the RPM™ course may be the perfect solution.

There are many benefits to group classes from Axiom, including:

  • Keep Up Accountability: Keeping yourself accountable for going to the gym isn’t always the easiest task, especially if you are just building your routine. Group classes however are fun ways to keep the blood pumping while also meeting new people where you can all work to keep each other accountable.
  • Foster Motivation: One of the most common reasons that people fall out of their gym routine is because of a lack of motivation. With everything else going on in life, it can be easy to skip a day or two. Oftentimes however these one or two days turn into more. Working out with others helps you stay motivated and get the most out of every workout.
  • Instructor Keeps Class on Track: How many times have you gone to the gym, only to keep getting sidetracked once you are there. Axiom’s instructors are there to help you ensure you are always using proper form and to keep the group focused and on track.
  • Healthy Competition: A little healthy competition can go a long way in the gym. With a bit of competition comes increased drive, where everyone involved is able to get more out of each workout. If you all continue to push your limits, you will be that much closer to accomplishing your goals.

Whether you want to kick your fitness to the next level, are looking to embrace the power of Yoga or are simply want to switch up your workout by spending some time in the pool, there is something ...

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Mark Cook, ART (Regd) has specialized in pain and stress relief in Sun Valley for 12 years and has now opened an office in Boise, near Orchard and Overland. So few people have even heard the word “reflexology”, let alone actually experienced quality, therapeutic reflexology. Here is your chance to try Symbiotic Systems Reflexology for your health concerns.
Mark will be offering 20-minute demo sessions at your local Axiom for just $10.00 (50% off). Call Mark at 208-788-2012 for an appointment. For more information, follow Mark on Facebook at for updates or visit

Join Axiom and Prehab as they lead the health revolution with Lose to Win! Thousands of people across the world will come together to drop all the crazy extreme diets, gym binges and guilty feelings that fuel New Year's Resolutions.
Maximized Living wants to teach you how to replace all those bad habits with practical, deprivation-free nutrition plans, workouts that burn more fat in less time, and a realistic approach to developing real health that will last all year.
So say 'good-bye' to broken goals and 'hello' to losing weight and gaining results! Here's to Lose to Win.

  • Unlock the real key to weight loss
  • Get your dream body in only minutes a day
  • Find the nutrition plan that will help you lose weight without depriving you
  • Visit partner booths to support your healthy lifestyle

When: January 31st 10am - 1pm
Where: BSU Special Events Center 1800 University Drive Boise, ID

Personal training can be a bit daunting, especially for those just getting started in the world of fitness. While personal training can seem like an expensive and sometimes unnecessary component of the fitness journey, for both seasoned athletes and those just beginning their fitness journey personal training can provide endless opportunities to get more out of every trip to the gym. For many out there, personal training has helped them get over the rut they were previously stuck in, enhance their form and stay motivated, helping them to achieve their goals and surpass all of their expectations.Personal training isn’t just about your time in the gym. Axiom’s Certified Personal Trainers can help you best manage your fitness in...

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When I made the decision to work with a trainer, I was 3 months away from my wedding and needed to slim down to fit into my dress. My past attempts at weight loss have been marginally successful - at best, so I knew I needed a changed. After signing up at Axiom, I scheduled a free assessment with Kevin where we discussed every aspect of reaching my goals.

Kevin was there for me above and beyond what I expected. Each session went as long as was necessary to cover all my concerns, he would email me in the middle of the week to check in, he tracked EVERYTHING that went on to dotFIT and made sure to discuss all my questionable decisions, he knew when I was due to get more supplements and was always there to recommend ones that could help imp...

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My name is Dawn Sykes, and my journey with weight loss started in the summer of 2012, after my husband had a heart attack and had to undergo emergency heart surgery. After countless appointments with Cardiologists and Nutritionists, started thinking that maybe I hadn't always made the best choices when it came to food, exercise, and that I could be next on the operating table. Could not let that happen, I have a full life ahead of me, that includes 4 grandchildren. I have to be around to play with and watch them grow.I walked into this gym, with the attitude, that I would maybe last 3 weeks, then quit. But after teaming up with Jesse, everything changed. With his expertise, help, unconditional support, I learned about nutrition, exercise...

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Every year during this time, millions of people across the country make themselves a promise – a promise to live a happier and healthier life in the New Year. This is something we all want: to live a healthier lifestyle, to feel better than we currently do and to have more energy for daily activities.

One of the main roadblocks individuals face with accomplishing their New Year’s goals is jumping in full steam ahead without taking the proper steps to define what constitutes success. It is easy to say that you want to get in better shape, but by clearly defining goals, an individual will be much more likely to stick to their resolution.

If you’ve had trouble sticking with your goals in the past, here are a few steps to h...

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The holidays can be a difficult time to keep motivation at full swing. With family in town and great food on the table, oftentimes keeping up with your workout routine can be a challenge. That is why we have compiled some simple ways to maintain motivation throughout the holiday season, even with all of the excitement and fun activities.
Here are some tips to keep up motivation and stick to your goals:

  • Make sure to maintain consistency with your gym schedule as much as possible, even if that means choosing a shortened workout just to get your blood pumping.

  • Try to plan for training when putting together your holiday schedule. It won’t seem as difficult to work in a half-hour workout if you’ve planned for it in advance.

  • If you don’t already, try to workout early in the morning. You can be done with your workout and ready for the day when the rest of the family is just getting out of bed.

  • Can’t get out of the house? Try implementing bodyweight workouts to maintain your routine until you can get back into the gym.

  • Get out with the family and enjoy some of Idaho’s great winter activities. From hiking to snowshoeing, skiing/snowboarding and more, there are plenty of ways to get out and enjoy Idaho in winter. Don’t forget about impromptu snowball fights and shoveling the driveway with the kids as ways to burn some additional calories.

Remember, Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate and enjoy with your friends and family. It is perfectly okay to enjoy this time and celebrate the hard work you’ve put in throughout the year. By enjoying the holiday completely, including the foods you love (even if they aren’t the healthiest), you can walk into the gym once the...

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