Five years! Can you believe we're already celebrating our 5-year anniversary? As we celebrate our quinquennial, we began to think about the fitness trends that have come to life over the past 5 years. Below is a look at trends that have popped up since 2012.

2012—Group Personal Training

One of the trends that really became popular in our first year was Group Personal Training. One of the advantages of this form of training is the benefit of individual attention and personalized workouts without having to pay for one-on-one training. There is also more energy in a group setting, and a little competition in the gym is never a bad thing. As great as group personal training might be, the benefits to private coaching are irreplaceable.


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Did you know there are still 24 hours in a day? Of course, but it feels like there is less time to get things done today than in years past. Between school, work, family, social life, and exercise, who has the time to get everything done?
As a result, you may be part of a growing number of people who go to bed later and get up earlier to get daily tasks done. But you should know, letting your sleep take the hit for a busy schedule is a problem that can impact your health.

Wake Up to the Health Stats

A review of 15 studies from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) found some alarming statistics in which sleep quality and duration can have a direct impact on your health. The study found that people who get less than the ...

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The link between maintaining an active lifestyle and being the kind of person we strive to be is not a secret. However, that doesn't mean juggling fitness between all the other day-to-day tasks in your life is a natural balance.

School, in particular, can get in the way of exercising, and ultimately reaching your fitness goals. During the summer, students often dedicate more time to their workout regimen. Then, as things pick up in the fall, schedules get weighed down with increased workloads. It becomes more difficult to find a chance to work out. It’s an understandable predicament, but when working out takes a backseat to everything else, you won’t meet your fitness goals.

To combat this problem, here are some tips for succ...

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Throughout the fitness world, there are differing opinions on the idea behind changing an exercise routine after a period of time. Some believe it’s best to change their routine every six to eight weeks, others suggest to change even sooner.

This can be a confusing topic—especially for beginners—so let’s break the concept down to its simplest form.
In just about every aspect of life, when does it ever make sense to change something that is producing desired results? Changing a routine that is yielding positive results may lead you down a path that might not give you expected results.

When Is Change Good?

With that being said, there are times when it’s in your best interest to be like Peyton Manning and audibl...

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Do a quick Web search on “fitness tracker” and you will be amazed at the number of choices. It’s a hot market, and just about everybody seems to be jumping on board. Wearable technology is everywhere. Strap a fitness tracker on your wrist and it can count your steps, track your sleep and of course measure your heart rate.

With all the different options on the market, it can be difficult to determine which fitness monitor is right for you. Well, we’ve got your back (and heart) covered. Enter the MyZone Heart Rate and Fitness Monitor. The MyZone is one of the only tools that will allow you to track your heart rate accurately. The MyZone monitors sell for $99 at each Axiom location, and if you decide you want to sign...

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It could be a 10-minute chair massage between meetings at work. It could be a 60-minute sports massage after a workout at the gym. It could be a 90-minute shiatsu massage or hot stone massage in a luxurious spa. Either way, we probably don’t have to convince you that getting a massage sounds like a good idea. After all, the benefits of massage are fairly obvious. There is the relief of sore muscles and lower back pain, increased range of motion, improved circulation, and of course relaxation. But, there are health benefits of massage that are not quite as obvious that can make a huge impact on your every day life. Therapeutic massage might just be more important to taking care of your body than you think.

Lower Anxiety and Stress


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Take your fitness routine to the next level by incorporating smoothies into your diet. No, not those sugary smoothies you find at the mall - we’re talking about high-protein, vitamin-packed smoothies. Smoothies made with whole, natural ingredients are nutrient-dense, providing more necessary vitamins and fats for healthy living than most multivitamins. Not only are smoothies delicious, they also have incredible health benefits and compliment your efforts in the gym nicely. Best of all, smoothies are quick and easy! But what ingredients should be included in the blender? And how should those ingredients play to your specific goals?


If you’re trying to build muscle, an extra boost of protein should be included in your sm...

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Ever wondered if your workout routine is actually accomplishing your goals? Are you really building strength? Is your endurance truly increasing? There are unique health and fitness benefits to both cardio and weight training, and when creating your ultimate workout plan your goals will determine how much lifting and cardio you do during a week. So what are the benefits of each?

Weight Training

Humans have 642 skeletal muscles, and weight training increases the size of your muscle fibers, making them larger and stronger. When you strength train, you’re essentially breaking down your muscle fibers and building them back stronger with increased glycogen.

It’s a common misconception that ONLY cardio equates to weight loss and fa...

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Getting to the gym can be difficult in our busy lives. And, it can be even more tough if we feel like our gym time is not efficient. Are you hitting a plateau in your results or feeling bored with your current routine? Improve your motivation, pump up your workouts and have more fun by getting a workout buddy! With Axiom’s VIP All-Club Membership, it’s easier now than ever!AccountabilityIf someone is expecting you to show up and is depending on you for their workout, the chances of you bailing on the gym are much lower. Having a workout buddy and a defined schedule will help make your trips to the gym a habit, and get results faster. Don’t let each other skip out – motivate and push each other to stick to the plan...

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